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CE Clock™ is a high quality clock with a timer and two alarms
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CE Clock™ is a high quality clock with a timer and two alarms. It reminds employees when they are working. Vitally, it helps enterprises test process time and services.
It shows twelve and twenty-four hours at the same time. You do not have to convent the time format frequently.
It shows Day of Year and Month-Day-Year. You can copy them to emails and other files conveniently.
It has two alarms, which sounds are extremely suitable for office environments.
Alarms can be used as a Day Schedule. You use them to promote the efficiency and accuracy of your work.
It works on background, and does not influence your work at all.
It uses Unicode as encoding. You can use various languages for the alarms.
It does not contain any button, menu, and complex setting. You can use this software with ease.
Its background is crystal. You can enjoy this modern clock.
Main features:
- It does not have any bug, error or loophole. From programming to testing, it has strict quality control. Its quality exceeds software industrial standards.
- It uses C# 2.0 as the programming language to guarantee the security of memory when the software is running. It will never cause Memory Leak.
- It works stably. It runs without collapse even you start and close this software frequently or open many windows.
- It works on the background and does not influence other software at all.
- Its interface has been designed carefully. The operating system cannot be hurt even users operate this software mistakenly and blindly.
- It requires little resources, even you open many windows.
- Its property is high enough.

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